Specializing in the non-exclusive representation and booking of national and international artists, Monkey5Agency liaises with the pertinent agencies to deliver memorable moments.

In collaboration with ElephantPink we are open to new submissions eager to discover new talents and maximize their sustainable launch and promotion in the industry.

For a significant career in the music industry it is necessary to create tailored messages for carefully-selected radio, print and online media. A strong relationship, strategy and relations management entails a quality communication with specialized magazines, stores, festivals… and the search of the ideal sponsors for an effective music promotion and prominent coverage within the music world.
Our team oversees and manages all stages of the production and development of your songs mastering the instrumental and vocal elements to edit sound and for sound mixing. The studio utilizes the latest state-of-the-art systems to advise, guide and articulate the musical recording and production concepts in order to provide hit tracks.
Arranging, tuning, connecting and operating with high-end equipment, our production specialists adjust and work with audio, video and lighting components for the production of professional one-of-a-kind videos and visual content in accordance with the talent’s criteria.
We are aware of all the constant changes in regulations, understanding the different valid rights and systems. Therefore those in control of ownership of the “sound recording” copyright is both the performing artist and us the producers. Copyright is the most important asset and must be managed and understood by both parties. Besides, we register rights and collect royalties for the work broadcasted publically by labels, radio, television and internet. We also advise and negotiate agreements on behalf of both parties.